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Monday, March 15, 2010

When Real Life collides with a Blogger Event

This past week I was invited to a blogger event which I had planned to go because the celebrity spokesperson was someone I just loved from her 80s movies and trust me, I have seen all her movies and still watch them today.

The reason I  ended up not going was because the celebrity's daughter was in my daughter's  ballet class and the "mom" barely spoke to any of the other parents. If memory serves me correctly, she did not talk to any other parent during the time her daughter was in our class.

Now the flip side is that I don't blame her for not engaging with the other parents since I am sure there are plenty of moms who have sidled up to her trying to set up playdates just to become "her BFF."  I had to resist attacking her with my "I am such a fan, I loved your movies when I was in high school" which I am sure she would have thought I was crazed  stalker mom and run screaming from the class never to return.

So going to the event would have been awkward because let's face it, she would have been polite and friendly to me because hey that's what she gets paid to do and I would have been quietly thinking not so nice thoughts about her. As I see pictures of her with other mom bloggers, I am glad I did not go because having a photo of the two of us would have really been weird.


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