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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Therapy Thursday - Continuing with Therapy

When I began therapy, I had no idea what to expect or how long I would be seeing a therapist. I had these visions like a character from a Woody Allen movie that I would be in therapy for years or at the least until my daughter went to college.

Since I began seeing Dr R. back in October, there have been a few weeks where my daughter and I have had a "good" week. I have taken those sessions to talk about my relationships with my family and other topics (see my hot thoughts are killing me post).

Last week, Dr R asked me if I thought I still saw value in coming to therapy given that my original purpose of improving my parenting skills seemed to have taken a back seat to my other "problems." I actually agreed. That said, we decided that I should  give it some thought as to whether I should continue. She mentioned that if I decided against coming every week she was more than happy to see me on an ad hoc basis. Whew! At least she gave me an out.

I really pondered this question literally everyday. Did I really to keep seeing her? Well, it's funny how we both came to the same conclusion. Yes,  I should keep seeing her. Maybe if my family was nearby or more supportive, I would feel differently but having an objective observer and an cheerleader for me is not such  a bad thing, right.


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