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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Job Search: Networking Contacts - Looking for an Introduction

Here I am over a year later since I was laid off, I am still in search of a full time job. 

I have had some interviews in recent months and thankful to the people who introduced me to the hiring manager but nothing full time obviously has come from them, although I did land a consulting gig from a networking contact. 

Because, I did receive some networking contacts and job interviews from my last post, I thought I would try it again because hey there are more readers of my blog and hopefully, you may know someone at the companies I have listed below.

So if know you have  a contact, friend, or relative at the following companies whereby you can facilate an introduction, I would be most appreciative.  

My background is in loyalty/retention marketing and if you want, feel free to forward my linked in profile to provide them with details on my experience.  

I have expanded my list from the last post. 

Nick Jr (Viacom) (Viacom)
Time Warner
Jet Blue (I love this site and have posted for several positions that fit my background but alas not even an email response has come my way)
Met Life 
Bank of America (this is a long shot since the marketing team is in North Carolina) (I really hung up on this company as well since I like the business model and concept and its been getting good press in recent months. But again, applied online for positions that fit my background to a tee and not a peep) 
Morgan Stanley
Dow Jones
Dun and Bradstreet
AIU (formerly AIG)
New York Life
JP Morgan Chase (New York office not Delaware)
Apple Bank 


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