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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Homemade vs Store Bought Cupcakes

This friday, my daughter's birthday celebration is happening at school which means, I am responsible for bringing the cupcakes (no cakes please) and drinks. 

Since I am not working, I thought okay, I have time to bake cupcakes thus saving myself some money. Well lo and behold, she has a dance recital Friday morning, which means I have no time to bake the cupcakes Friday morning. 

So what's the big deal, right. Just bake them Thursday night and call it a day. Well, I am lazy, it's enough just to get dinner on the table let alone add in making cupcakes. Then I thought why not just buy the little two bite cupcakes. 

The problem I have with that solution is that I really have no excuse not to bake the cupcakes plus homemade just taste better, it's fresher and it's more special. It's her 7th birthday after all. 


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