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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fantastic Four Friday -I love Kate Gosselin's Makeover

(AP photo)

Fantastic Four Friday - Four Reasons I Love Kate Gosselin's Makeover 

This week, it's been widely reported that Kate Gosselin (formerly of Jon and Kate plus eight) spent $35,000 on a makeover to prepare for Dancing with the Stars. The $35,000 was allegedly spent on restylane fillers, veneers, tanning, botox, more hair extensions, highlights and eyebrow shaping. Well, I am okay with this turn of events and for the following reasons.

1. Competition is Fierce in Hollywood- Let's face it, if you were going on Dancing with Stars and going up against Pam Anderson (enuf said), Shannen Doherty, Nicole Schererzinger (the Pussycat Dolls, people)  wouldn't you want to look your best. Those women know what is needed to be camera ready and in HD no less. I know if I was going to make a fool of myself on national television, I would at least want to look good.

2. She looks a gazillion times better - For original viewers like me, who doesn't remember what she looked like four years ago with her mom sweatpants and brown hair. She looked pretty bad but who wouldn't having to stay home with 6 babies.

Kate back in the day 
(US Weekly Photo)

3. Breadwinner Status - So you hate Kate and wished she'd go away (me too) but she isn't going away. I think she is going to be the next Omarosa. You may hate them but you watch them. Supposedly, there are those at ABC who are attributing the ratings bump on Dancing with the Stars to her (scary.) How is Kate  going to provide for her 8 kids since her ex-husband is a douche and I am sure one step away from a bad reality show or getting some twenty something pregnant.

4. Something to talk about - No more needs to be said. 


nycgirl0501 said...

I'm boycotting watching Dancing with the Stars until she is off! Not a many more interesting people could have been chosen in her place. Just my two cents.

NYC Single Mom said...

I didnt say I wanted her on DWTS. In fact, when they made the announcment i was stunned, she is NOT a celebrity. In fact she was pretty awful last week. Even Buzz Aldrin danced better than she did. I am pretty sure she is going to be voted off next week so you can begin watching it.

Dancinghotdogs said...

I don't watch DWTS and I will not start watching because of Kate. I don't like her but I always like to hear about Moms getting pampered. I could use the makeover too. Ha. Or I would use the money for a facial and fix my house.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she looked pretty bad, she looked like a mom.

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