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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

31 Days to Build A Better Blog Challenge - Day 1 the Elevator Pitch

Fellow blogger, Newyorkchica inspired me to join her in the 31 Days to Better Blog Challenge. I actually got as far as day l and then just forgot about it. So as you can tell, I am pretty competitive and I hate when other people are moving past me.

31 Days to Better Blog Challenge is a creation of one my idols, Darren Rowse of

Day 1 - Create an elevator pitch. 

This is not unfamiliar to me as I have worked in corporate america for my entire career and from day 1, business school and mentors will tell you that you should be able to say what you do in 30 seconds if an executive gets into an elevator with you and asks what group you work in and what you do? Trust me no executive wants to hear more than 30 seconds of your pitch.

Here are my elevator pitches for both blogs. elevator pitch - I have two. 
Parenting Tales from New York City, the good, the bad and the funny.
Tales of New York City Mom, the good, the bad and the funny elevator pitch 
Product reviews, giveaways and tips for the Modern Mom

Love your feedback, please. Don't make me beg. I know you have an opinion.

If you want to join along on your own challenge, head over to Darren's blog.


Lauralei said...

i like the first elevator pitch :)

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